Welcome to the Brett Climo Fanpage, the website about the Australian actor Brett Climo.

Why this website?
I'm a big fan/supporter of Brett Climo ever since I saw him in the Australian series "The Flying Doctors" way back in the 80's. When this series was broadcasted again in the Netherlands I started to look around on the internet to find out more information about what Brett has been up to and noticed it wasn't easy to find all the information at one place. That's when I decided to start this website to have one place where you can find all kind of information about his career, articles and video clips I've made and gathered over the years.

February 1st 2016: A Place to Call Home season 4
Soon the actors and also our Brett will start filming the 4th season of A Place to Call Home. The 3rd season has been aired in Australia a few months back on Foxtel and soon it will also be aired in other countries as well.

Help wanted!
I collect articles about Brett for many years now and shared them with you on this site (see 'articles'). Somehow I'm having trouble lately to find new stuff even though I'm sure lots of articles are being published about the tv hit-series A Place to Call Home. And I can imagine that not only articles are being published in Australia but in other countries as well since the series is being aired there as well now. So can I ask you to keep a look out and mail to dianne@brettclimo.nl when you found something so I can share it with the other fans?

Are you a member yet of the special fanpage on Facebook? If not, come and join us here. That way you will be kept updated with the latest news the fastest way and of course lots of nice screen caps and pictures of our boy can be found in there as well.

Well that's it for now, enjoy my website and maybe we talk soon on FB!

Welcome to the Brett Climo Fanpage!
I hope you all enjoy my site and if you have some comments, questions or ideas you can always email me at dianne@BrettClimo.nl

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