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One of Australia's most popular prime time television programmes, the award-winning A Country Practice (winning a record 30 Logies) is a drama series about the residents of the small country town of Wandin Valley, New South Wales. The storyline focused on the town's medical clinic, hospital, veterinary practice and pub. 1058 episodes were produced between 1981 and 1993 in NSW and screened on the Seven Network. A further 30 episodes, with significant changes to cast, were filmed in Victoria in 1994 and screened on the Ten Network.

Brett Climo as Barry hall in Prisoner of the Valley
Episodes 63-64
Robin "Bobbi" Nichols returns to Wandin Valley twelve years after, at the age of sixteen, she ran off with the married man with whom she was having an affair. She receives a cool reception from those who remember the details of what happened and when Simon tries to befriend her, Vicky feels the need to explain to him the situation. Bev "overhears" Sophie bragging to her friend over the phone about the affair she's been having with a married man. The affair is purely fictional but rumours soon spread through town and an unsuspecting Brendan, with whom Sophie seeks solace after an argument with her father, is quickly fingered as the adulterous male in question.
Robin tells Simon the truth about her now notorious past. After Molly tells Brendan about the rumours surrounding him and Sophie, Brendan pays Terence a visit to set the record straight. Lisa Jenkins and Barry Hall, two sixteen-year-old youths with bright futures, decide to set aside some of their ambitions to give marriage a try when it is learned Lisa is pregnant. Terence helps Sophie confront the reasons behind her sleep walking.

Brett Climo as Sandy Hughes in Horse of a Different Colour
Episodes 219-220
Brendan's birthday is approaching and Molly hopes to surprise him by buying him a horse, but her meagre $400 savings is a sizable obstacle. Bob suggests she see Chilla Yates, who he assures her will be able to help. Chilla has hopes of inheriting the Henkle stud farm where he has worked for the last twenty years, the last ten spent caring for Maurie Henkle after his stroke. His hopes are dashed however when he learns Maurie has bequeathed the farm to a relative in England. Chilla isn't able to help Molly find a horse as the Henkle horses are priced well beyond what her budget allows. Ros Henkle arrives from London, she's a former Playboy bunny with little business experience but a strong desire to "make money." She doesn't get off to a good start however as she upsets Chilla by agreeing to sell Molly a horse for $400. Sandy Hughes is brought to hospital after being thrown from his horse. The horse isn't quite "his" though, Sandy stole it from Eric Flynn's farm where he worked, running away with the horse in an attempt to save it. Unfortunately, while Sandy is in hospital, the horse, left to run free in the bush, is struck by a truck and killed after darting out onto the Burrigan road. Shirley's complaints about her cluttered desk prompt Drs. Elliott and Bowen to purchase her a new "Super King Size Office Desk," the only problem now is assembling it!
Ros clears up a misunderstanding with Chilla when she reveals her plans to sell her uncle's entire estate, not just a few horses as he believed. Molly surprises Brendan with his new horse, "Honey," but when he is thrown on his first ride, Vicky discovers it has been injected with a steroidal antiinflammatory drug to mask its lameness, and in its current condition will not be able to be ridden again. While Brendan is in hospital with cracked ribs, he and Molly learn from Sandy that drugging horses is a common practice and was the reason he ran away with one of Eric Flynn's horses. Molly tries to launch a crusade against Flynn and others like him but receives little support. Vicky is reluctant to risk her practice by getting involved but Frank volunteers to help. Flynn arrives in town to press charges against Sandy but when Molly, with the support of the local pony clubs, vows to picket him at horse sales, he allows Sandy to get off with just a warning. Shirley assembles her new desk by herself but packs it back up when it collapses on her. Chilla agrees to go with Ros to Queensland after Maurie's estate is auctioned off, and before leaving, Ros gives Molly her $400 back.

Brett Climo as Michael Langley
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