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This four-part miniseries is based on A. B. Facey's best-selling autobiographical novel, which tells of the early trials and tribulations of Bert Facey. At eight years old, he was forced by economic circumstances to start the back breaking, dawn to dusk life of a farm laborer. Unschooled, his father dead, abandoned by his mother, by the age of twenty he had survived the rigours of pioneering the harsh Australian bush and the slaughter of the bloody First World War campaign on the Gallipoli peninsula. Despite this early deprivation, he finds happiness in his marriage in 1915 to his wife of nearly sixty years, Evelyn. A Fortunate Life is an inspirational tale of one man's struggle against seemingly overwhelming barriers to achieve peace and contentment.

Part IV: Providence (1914-1916)
At nineteen, powerfully built from his years of manual labor, Bert joins Mickey Finn's Boxing Troupe as a prize fighter. Touring Australia as a heavyweight, he never loses a bout.
When World War I breaks out, Bert rushes to enlist. He serves in Gallipoli, where Australian and allied troops suffer thousands of casualties in their attempt to wrest control of the peninsula from the Turks. Bert takes part in bayonet charges and hand-to-hand combat in trenches, and sees his companions dying around him. His own brother Roy is killed by a shell, and Bert helps to bury him.
Then an exploding shell crushes one of his legs and causes internal injuries. Bert is sent back to Perth to recuperate. While there, Bert meets a young woman, Evelyn Gibson. After a short courtship, they marry, and Bert settles down to a life of relative peace and contentment like he never knew in the struggles and hardships of his early life.
Brett Climo as Terry in A Fortunate Life