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The story: All Saints is a drama centred on a busy hospital, All Saints Western General Hospital. This Drama has two original aspects, the first, that it's set in Australia, and the second that it focuses on mainly the lives of the nurses. The stories are delivered from the hospital's frontline perspective, giving the viewers an in-depth view of how a nurse's life really is. Some days they are cranky, disillusioned, angry or frustrated. They share their hopes and disappointments with each other, and the pressures they're under. Their friendships and their relationships, show what pulls them through the hectic daily life. The program also shows how much authority the nurses have, the way they are often forced to make crucial decisions, but don't have the power to do so, causing very hard hitting, passionate storylines. Not only do we see the nurse's working hard, we also delve into their personal lives and watch close relationships and bonds develop between many unexpected characters.

Brett Climo as Bryan Taylor in Happy Death Day
Episode 038 - October 27, 1998
Terri is forced to nurse Bryan Taylor, a patient who has been told that he will develop Huntingdon's disease and who is determined to commit suicide.-he is admitted with a drug overdose as well as legal papers to say he is not to be resuscitated. Bron and Ben form a close bond when caught in a siege while Luke finds himself desperately worried.
Brett Climo as Dr. Malcolm Pussle

Lest We Forget
Episode 138 - April 24, 2001
Terri returns to Ward 17 and is amused to find Mitch's new boss is his former intern Malcolm Pussle, who once had a huge crush on her. Connor's mate, former Ward Clerk Tony Hurst, returns from the States after being dumped by his American boyfriend and is destroying himself with drugs and alcohol. When he has a respiratory arrest, he is admitted to All Saints, and Connor tries to persuade Tony that people do care for him. Bron nurses Vietnam veteran Brian Douglas who, after surviving prostate cancer, caused by exposure to Agent Orange, wants to march with his mates on ANZAC day. Mitch has to break the sad news his cancer has returned and he doesn't have long to live.

Growing Pains
Episode 143 - May 29, 2001
It is the morning after their first night together and Ben and Bron both find themselves wondering if they have done the right thing. Ben and Scott are called out to a suburban house where a young father, Jack, has accidentally backed his 4WD over his toddler and killed him. Bron nurses Jack on his arrival on Ward 17 and finds her own fears mirrored in his behavior. Mitch is mightily unimpressed to find Malcolm Pussle back in his life when a patient comes in and is quickly diagnosed as having an aneurysm. Von and Kylie are shocked to discover their new patient uses dressing and being treated as a baby as a way of coping with stress. Kylie is trying hard to convince Jared she is ready to come back to work after the accident but his concern for her is almost suffocating.

Can You Hear Me
Episode 145 - June 12, 2001
Bron, happily in love, clashes with a grumpy old patient who is ungrateful for having his life saved. Von takes over nursing him with the idea that her grumpiness will suit the old bloke better but he is a hard case. Terri agrees to go on a date with Pussle. It has been more than a decade since she has been on a date and she is excited and incredibly nervous. They have a lovely evening but Terri is still apprehensive about how the evening will endů she is relieved when Malcolm is happy to part with a goodnight kiss. Knowing that Malcolm is happy not to rush things allows Terri to relax and begin to enjoy the romance even more. Everyone on Ward 17 can see how happy Terri is and even Mitch decides to make the effort to be nicer to Malcolm. Perhaps he can start by calling him Dr. Pussle instead of Dr. Pustule.

Close To Home
Episode 146 - June 19, 2001
Ben and Scott receive a call-out to a low security prison and arrive to find a siege in progress with a guard, a nurse and another inmate hostage in the prison clinic. Connor's day does not start well when a post-op patient pleads to be allowed out of bed and subsequently falls over-Luke then becomes irate at Connor's apparent lack of patient care. After nursing a life coach, Connor also starts to examine his own life. Terri reveals to Von that she is worried Dr. Pussle will want to progress the relationship faster than she can handle.

The Sign
Episode 148 - July 03, 2001
Von never makes it to the charity ball when her little friend Zac's condition begins to deteriorate. Terri and Malcolm bond at the ball but Terri is shocked to discover Rose suffers from bi-polar. The revelation causes problems between Mitch and Rose. Kylie drinks too much, Scott puts more moves on Andrea and Luke's date is horribly raped outside the ball venue. Meanwhile, Connor and Bron are on night shift in Ward 17.

Maiden's Revenge / Chains of Love
Episode 149 - July 10, 2001
On a day when the stars seem to be coming true, Connor tries his luck with love and Bron takes a gamble, which ends up being one of the worst mistakes of her life. However, for two of their patients the stars come through with their predictions of love and fortune.
Mitch faces a double crisis that threatens his professional future. Bron battles to save her relationship with Ben, and Connor's life may be forever changed after receiving an amazing gift from a patient.

Law of the Jungle
Episode 151 - July 24, 2001
Pussle and Terri's future together is uncertain after Mitch and Pussle's arguments over a patient with hypothermia force their mutual jealousy over Terri out into the open.

A Little Knowledge (aka: Empty Nest)
Episode 153 - August 07, 2001
Mitch and Rose's relationship reaches a crisis when Mitch no longer responds to his wife's manipulations. Connor's future at Ward 17 is in question and he has to make the decision of a lifetime. Will he leave Ward 17 and his HIV positive mother to further his career in London? Ben and Bron discover a little more about each other and Ben finally puts his past behind him. Scott works hard to impress Rebecca, the attractive ambo temporarily replacing Ben. But it seems he can do nothing right.

Where There's Smoke
Episode 163 - October 16, 2001
Terri is caught between her affections for three men-Mitch, Malcolm and Dom. She finally decides who she wants to be with and acting on impulse, they spend the night together. Von and Bron deal with two smokers: one a young woman whose habit has sparked a fire, the other a mature woman whose life-long habit has led to terminal emphysema. Barbara Woods, a Down's syndrome girl, returns to Ward 17, this time for a hysterectomy. When Luke realizes that she hasn't been properly informed of the consequences, he refuses to operate.

Child's Play
Episode 164 - October 23, 2001
Rose leaves baby Lucy at home alone and is later found playing on a swing in a park at midnight in the pouring rain. After a frightening night of Rose's behavior, a confused and extremely worried Mitch turns to marriage counseling. The strain is showing, particularly in Mitch's unusually gruff treatment of patients. Bron is stalked and then trapped by the nurse-rapist in the hospital boiler room. With no way out, she knows she must fight for her life. Ben finds the tragic results of a three year old boy who was left alone while his mum played the poker machines. Shaken by a distressing day at work, Ben is late in picking up Bron, only to find her missing. Luke and Terri are confronted with the horrifically cruel results of a school initiation.

Behind Closed Doors
Episode 165 - October 30, 2001
Von is nursing a terminal patient, a cross-dresser who wants to go out in style. Von tries to hide him from his wife, who doesn't know about her dying husband's secret. Ben vows to find and destroy the rapist who nearly got Bron and ends up doing more harm than good. Kylie Preece finally stands up to Dr. Murphy, but the stress results in a heart attack. Lyle accidentally throws out a patient's thyroid gland leaving Bron and Luke to do the explaining.

A Little Death
Episode 166 - November 06, 2001
The rapist strikes again, kidnapping Bron and leaving a young nurse dead. In mortal danger, Bron is shocked when she discovers the identity of the serial rapist. Ward 17 is threatened with quarantine after a breakout of golden staph amongst patients. Luke is forbidden to operate on patients after being suspected as a golden staph carrier.

The Other Side of Perfection
Episode 167 - November 13, 2001
Scott is confronted by his own feelings for Rebecca as he battles to save her life after a bomb explosion. Ben's surprise marriage proposal to Bron doesn't turn out the way he'd expected. Malcolm finally reveals his secret to Terri which forces them to decide their future. Mitch presents a patient's husband with an unenviable predicament; who does he most want to save-his wife or his unborn baby? Luke is deeply moved by an innovative, yet risky, surgical procedure on a Parkinson's patient.

Falling Down
Episode 168 - November 27, 2001
Rose is losing control,. Afraid of what might happen, she calls Mitch at work. Mitch immediately sets off for home, but on the way he's forced to stop and help out at the scene of a major car accident. Not only is one victim severely injured, but another who walks away is subsequently arrested. Worse still, one of the ambulance operators is unwell and unable to help, leaving Mitch working on the injured man while aware that time is passing and he's no closer to Rose.
Meanwhile, Rose calls Terri in search of Mitch, and Terri is alarmed by Rose's progressive lack of focus and slurred speech. Terri goes over, only to find Rose lying on the floor, almost unconscious.
Before leaving the ward, Terri has a difficult day dealing with a complaint from Malcolm, who thinks Von, an enrolled nurse, should not be caring for a patient suffering post-caesarean complications. Paula is called in to take over, and she jumps to defend Von's professional capabilities. It's also Malcolm's last day, and he's still trying to convince Terri to go with him. What does she decide to do? And, more importantly, will Rose survive?

Episode 221 - April 08, 2003
Family and friends turn out in force to pay their last respects to their beloved colleague. New nurse Sterling 'Sterlo' McCormack starts on the ward and Nelson and Paula are intrigued when he does everything in his power to avoid Colin Blackburn.

Seeking Asylum
Episode 226 - May 13, 2003
Vincent's tragic past is revealed after a tough day looking after a TB patient from a government detention centre. He reveals his secret to Charlotte-his second wife was killed in a landmine accident. Suddenly, Vincent's harsh treatment of Terri, who is grieving for her late husband Mitch, makes sense. Terri fights for Malcolm Pussle's reputation, against Vincent and the CEO, and finds herself unpopular on both fronts. When Tony Hunter is admitted to the ward after violently bashing his head, Ward 17 staff, along with social worker Leanne, must get to the bottom his problems with his wife. Alex's girlfriend Chloe would be wise to look for a new career after causing a rather gory disaster in the hairdressing salon in which she works. Alex is mortified when he arrives at the scene and thinks the time has come for Chloe to let go of her dream-and their relationship. Luke wants to share his love of football with Max and Paula but things don't go as planned.
Brett Climo as Bryan Taylor in All Saints
Brett Climo as Dr. Malcolm Pussle in All Saints