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This site is dedicated to the Australian actor Brett Climo and made by Di@nne
After six episodes had been made, the series is not going ahead. Channel Nine stopped production after six episodes, deciding it was too expensive and there were other contract details and little audience reaction from the preview viewers.

The Story: Sam Piers, a private investigator, is paralysed while involved in a major drug bust. Because of his wealth, he decides to give his detective agency Piers & Hobson to three aspiring P.I's, on the condition they keep the name Piers & Hobson. Angel Valesquez, one of the three, is a misguided P.I who has been doing the job for 10 years. Although he is good, he has a craving for the truth that has seen him risk his life many times. He has recently moved back to the city from living with his mother in Perth, where he found there wasn't enough work. He moves in with his sister Natalie, much to her dismay, and soon begins to impose his lifestyle upon her. Pru Fisher is a newly trained P.I who already believes she has everything it takes. She would much prefer to own her own agency but working with two others doesn't seem all that bad. However, when her brother James, a teenager, leaves home and asks to do work experience at the agency. Pru discovers that he has left school and is forced to let him, happy to know that he is staying in their mother's city home. The third P.I turns out to be Emily "Autumn" Davis. She was Angel's highschool love who moved away after they graduated. She takes the reunion in her stride, while Angel is stunned. The group hire an assistant who turns out to be a serial killer, and their second assistant isn't much better. They finally settle on Jonathon Crane, he may be weird but he does his job well. While Pru decides to decorate the office, Angel sets himself about looking for work and filing the cases. Autumn takes a more practical approach, making an ally at the hospital - Dr. Ben Delbridge - and two allies at the police station - Constable Anthony Briggs and Senior Constable Emma Burton. The group soon discover a secret of Sam's - there is big competition just around the corner in Melanie O'Connell, head of O'Connell, Lucini, Ward & Pryce Investigators. But they soon discover Ward is made up and Pryce is considering leaving the agency. Melanie is in fact not all that good at investigating. Angel finds his first case thanks to Sam Piers' daughter, Bridget. A wealthy businessman is found lying dead in his home with a suicide note at the table. Emma concludes that the note is a fake, and this is seemingly confirmed when another different note is sent to the police. It looks like it was murder made to look like suicide. But things take an interesting turn when a third note is discovered, this one looks real and it was hidden in such a way as the man would have done in life. And soon the agents, Emma, Ben and Anthony enter a bizarre case that just keeps getting stranger! Did he commit suicide? Or was it a murder? Just when they think they've found the answer, it changes. The stage is set for an all new intriguing series...