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The Story: Daniel (TOM LONG) and his girlfriend, Bridget (ANNA TORV) are the principal dancers in choreographer Isabel's (GRETA SCACCHI) renowned company. In the lead up to a new show Daniel goes out to buy cigarettes for Bridget during a break in rehearsals - and doesn't return. For almost two weeks.
Frantic efforts are made to find him, but no one knows where to look. Bridget is devastated by her boyfriend's sudden disappearance and humiliated by the implication that Daniel was fleeing a loveless relationship.
Twelve days after his capture Daniel is dumped, blindfolded, on the outskirts of the city. He returns home a shattered, almost mute, man. Unable to confide in Bridget or Isabel, he packs his bags and flees.
In the weeks that follow, the events perpetrated on him by his abductors - three hooded women - begin to be revealed. Too ashamed to seek help, Daniel embarks on a search to discover their identity. With a few tantalising physical clues to go by his journey turns into a sexual odyssey fuelled by the memory of his bizarre imprisonment.
His mentor Isabel, who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, enlists the help of her former husband Olsen (COLIN FRIELS), a detective in the police special victims unit. Although he manages to bring Daniel back into contact with Isabel and the dance world, Olsen cannot bring the younger man to reveal the cause of his suffering.
It's only when Daniel meets Julie (DEBORAH MAILMAN), a university student whose black skin rules her out as a suspect, that he begins to trust women again. The gentle love that blossoms between them is abruptly shattered when Daniel sees one of the abductors. Or so he believes. The violent confrontation produces a course of action that is both devastating and revelatory.
An erotic horror story that journeys through the darkness within men and women.