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Set in the homicide squad of a large metropolitan city, this is a punchy one hour drama series about murder mystery and a group of young committed cops, focused on justice for the deceased. Jennifer Mapplethorpe, ambitious and intelligent; Simon Joyner, keen, cool, self-assured; Duncan Freeman, living high, ready to fall; and Matt Ryan, intense and driven. In Homicide, it's not always crooks and low-lives, most murders are committed by ordinary people - a moment of madness, a failure of communication, a desperate act. These Detectives follow a profession that makes blood, grief and drama just part of their normal day. Their day begins when your day ends.

Stolen Sweets
Episode 2.16 (30)
A young man's suspicious death leads Homicide to investigate the link between a high profile religious figure and one of the city's most prominent law firms. The Pastor has a secret life that cannot be exposed, and his well-compensated lawyers use every trick in the book to protect him. It's a case ripe with hypocrisy, cover-ups and corruption, but who's protecting whom? And does exposing the truth come at too great a cost?
Delicate handling is what's required in such a sensitive case, but diplomacy isn't the strong suit of the team's new Superintendent. Waverley farewells the troops as she heads off on her prestigious study tour. Her shock replacement turns heads.

Brett Climo as Victor Carling in City Homicide