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The story: Liz Price (Amanda Douge) is young, beautiful, successful and ambitious, a financial consultant who runs her life her way… or so she thought. Because one day her business partner-and married lover-Dave Wyatt (Daniel Roberts), is gunned down outside his front door, and suddenly Liz's life is no longer under her control-she's a marked woman.
On the other side of town, ex-SAS member Mike Heyns (Grant Bowler) is trying to make a living as a professional bodyguard, until he puts a bouncer in hospital and faces the loss of his security license if he can't come up with money to settle the damages payment. Mike's lawyer is one Chris Price (Brett Climo)-Liz's ex-husband. Chris suggests that Mike become Liz's bodyguard-that way she's protected and Mike gets to keep his license. But things are never that simple…
Liz does some checking through the company files and discovers that a million dollars in trust funds is missing-and it belongs to Tom McManus (William Gluth), currently serving a sentence for murder in Sydney's notorious Long Bay Prison. Liz concludes that Dave's killer was after the money. But he-or she-is not the only one, because Tom's gorgeous young wife, Cheryl (Kimberley Davies), is also keen on the cash…
Liz has to find the money-and it's Mike's job to protect her while she's doing it. But as they dig deeper into Wyatt's life things only get murkier, and Liz's own life is increasingly at risk.
The race is on to find the money and stay alive. Thrown together in a dangerous situation, Liz and Mike come to depend on each other more than they planned-but will they be able to keep each other alive?

Brett Climo as Chris Price in Close Contact