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This site is dedicated to the Australian actor Brett Climo and made by Di@nne
A series of made-for-TV movies starring Rebecca Gibney as forensic psychiatrist Dr. Jane Halifax, a psychological sleuth whose precinct is the dark side of the human mind. Utilised by both the police and legal professions, Jane lives in a world of lies and shadows where the truth is never what it seems.

Brett Climo as Danny in Without Consent
A vicious rapist is released from prison and Jane Halifax is called in by the parole board to assess the attacker's mental state. Jane knows she is dealing with a clever, but twisted and manipulative mind, but when copy-cat attacks occur, the rapist has a water tight alibi-he was with Jane. So who is the rapist?

Brett Climo as Danny in the episode 'Without Consent' in Halifax f.p.