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This site is dedicated to the Australian actor Brett Climo and made by Di@nne
The Story: Sigrid Thornton portrays ailing eccentric artist Lola Green who lives in the sleepy mountain town of Little Oberon. Sparks fly when Lola is visited by her estranged and tempestuous daughter Georgie (Tasma Walton) and rebellious granddaughter Natasha (Brittany Byrnes Byrnes), and the tiny community is woken with a jolt.
There are secrets in the town including a long unsolved disappearance. Nothing is as it seems as magic stalks the streets and love, lust and mystery collide while the Greens - grandmother, mother and daughter - are at the heart of everything.
The telemovie was filmed on location in the Victorian towns of Marysville and Mount Macedon as well as the studios of Melbourne.
Brett Climo as Dr. Vivian Cage in Little Oberon