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This site is dedicated to the Australian actor Brett Climo and made by Di@nne
The story: Brett Climo turns in a stunning performance as a man on the edge. As he pulls away from those whom love him the most (Hannah, his partner played expertly by newcomer Sharn Hammond, end Ebenezer Wrench convincingly rendered by Bad Boy Bubby's Nicholas Hope), McKenzie reverts to a world devoid of human contact, devoid of surprise, devoid of hope. Not even the celebrated Dr. Kilroy (made utterly believable by Frankie J. Holden) or the plight of his hospice bound mother (Rebecca Gibney as you've never seen her before) can crack the shell that McKenzie has encased himself in. McKenzie ultimately makes a positive choice to confront his past and although he can't undo what has been, he can choose what will happen next.

Brett Climo as McKenzie Morgan, in the David Blake film, Lost and Found, released in 2006
Together with my best friend Mirjam we came up with these questions to ask David Blake and he was so kind enough to answer them all back for us. Again David, thank you so much for that!
Questions about his career:
- How did you end up in the film industry?
I'm not really in the industry as such. with independent film you're very much on the outer, and you have to set up your own relationships as you go.
- I've understand that the movie "Lost and Found" is going to be your debut. Is this right?
Debut feature - I've done a few shorts over the last 5 years or so.
- Could you tell us a little bit more what that movie is about?
It's about the human condition - in all its forms.
- Where is the movie been shot?
In and around Melbourne
- On what location?
Lot's of different locations.
- And is it all filmed outside or inside a studio as well?
No studio, all locations.
- Did you do the casting of the actors yourself or did you let someone else do this?
I cast the main roles, and I had a casting director (Lea Zilberman) assist with the support roles - but I auditioned every single player that ended up on screen.
- Was it your own choice that Brett got the main lead? So yes, why was that?
Yes it was. and he is and was and always will be bloody sensational
- How was it to work with Brett Climo and all the other actors?
It was a great experience.
- Could you tell us a nice anecdote about Brett or a nice habit of him?
Brett is a true gentleman - nothing was too much trouble and he gave 200% all the time.
- What movie would you have loved to have directed?
The one I'm now writing
- What movie did you find horrible?
Eyes wide shut
- How do you find it to go to the première of your own movie?
Yet to happen (but I won't watch it I don't think)
- What will be your next project or movie?
Watch this space...

Personal Questions:
- What's your age?
- Are you married?
- Do you have children?
2 beautiful boys
- Could I have a picture of you to place it on the site?
I'm an ugly mug!!!
(Since I have the original dvd of the movie I could make a screen cap of him from the behind the scenes, don't think he was right with his answer but judge for yourself.)
- For what can we wake you up in the middle of the night?

Other Questions:
- How popular is the cinema in Australia?
It's HUGE.
- Is the press critical in Australia?
- And how determined is that for your movie?
Bad reviews will not be good for the box office
- Did you ever had ambitions to act as well?
No way!
- Do you enjoy the attention?
Not really - but I'll do what ever it takes to get the film noticed.
- In the Netherlands we are not so prudish and in Dutch movies you often see sex in it and now we are wondering what do you think about that? And how is that in Australia?
I think sex in movies is way over done - and used incorrectly mostly.
- What do you know and think about the Netherlands?
Love to visit
- If we come to Australia in a year or so, are we welcome to drop by for a cup of tea or can we invite you to have diner with the two of us?
Why not!
- And could you give us a tour around your office as well?
- Is there a question you would like to ask us?
Not at the moment.
With permission of the director David Blake I've made a videoclip of the movie Lost and Found. This was the comment of David Blake after he had seen it:

":-)... i LOVE it. Every bit!! go for it girl :-)..."

Click here to go directly to that video clip.