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This site is dedicated to the Australian actor Brett Climo and made by Di@nne
"Something In The Air is the story of a rural town called Emu Springs. A drama about essentially good, uncompromising people with normal human flaws and past histories, but with basic decency and resourcefulness that feeds on just the merest of encouragement. Something In The Air introduces fifteen superbly crafted, loveable characters whose lives provide big, lush broad canvas tales with a dab of the eccentric and the idiosyncratic."

Love Your Work
Episode 177 - Saturday, April 28, 2001
Faced with political mud racking, Independent politician Doug feels his only option is to sell 3ES. Helen, Tom, Megan and Ryan have varied reactions, but when Steve Saks (Brett Climo), a potential buyer hits town, they are forced to face reality. Tom's reality comes much closer to home. Is it more than 3ES that Saks finds attractive? When Megan urges Wayne to join her in studying for her driver's license, he's less than enthusiastic and begins behaving strangely. It's clear he's hiding something. Cowlotto fever hits the Springs and Stuart sees it as an opportunity for financial resurrection-not only of the pub, but the Emus footy team.

A Day In The Life Of Mother And Wife
Episode 178 - Saturday, April 28, 2001
Julia is less than convinced that Doug should sell the station and it appears neither is he. Steve Saks employs some lateral thinking and makes Doug an offer that might ease the pain of handing over 3ES. Julia meanwhile, on noticing Mon's ennui, makes her an offer involving baby Allie (Caitlin Nolan) but is surprised by the reasons for Mon's refusal. Sally develops a bond with Allie, which is threatened by tensions from unexpected quarters. Wayne continues to behave strangely and Megan's frustration manifests in a "Dear Wayne" letter-only he can't read it.

Bulldust And Cow Pats
Episode 179 - Saturday May 05, 2001
Given Julia's blessing, Doug makes a final decision on the sale of 3ES. With Steve Saks (Brett Climo) set to become the new owner, Dr. Annie reveals information that will affect the future running of the radio station. Cowlotto is looking like a monumental success until an unexpected visitor throws Stuart's smooth running betting plan into chaos.