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The story: Alan Bennett (Talking Heads, The Madness of King George), a master of comic characterisation, brings us an hilarious and poignant new autobiographical play.
On stage with Miss Shepherd (Jennifer Flowers) and assorted other characters are two Alan Bennetts (Brett Climo All Saints, A Country Practice and Dennis Olsen The Seagull, The Mikado), the man and the writer, one who participates in life and one who sits back and watches.
This play is based on the real life story of Miss Shepherd, a vagrant who actually lived in a van in the driveway of London playwright Alan Bennett, for 15 years.
Bennett chooses to dramatise the experience by presenting himself as two characters, with stirling performances by Brett Climo as Alan Bennett the younger and Dennis Olsen as Alan Bennett the more mature.

Brett Climo as the younger Alan Bennett in Lady of the Van