I've made several short videoclips about Brett. I've uploaded them to myvideo.nl and even youtube.com and you can watch them by clicking on this link and then click on the page of your choose to watch the clips that are on that page:

Videoclip about Brett Climo

Unfortunately some of the video clips have been removed by myvideo.nl and youtube.com due to audio rights. So these clips are no longer available:
- FD Videoclip
- Beautiful Brett
- Snowy River (season 4)
- Snowy River season2 part1
- Snowy River season2 part2
- A Doctors Crush

If you still would like to see them, it's possible to send me an email as I do have collected all the video clips on different DVD's. Got 2 DVD full with clippies so far and the 3rd is in the process of being made.